Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Madison Finn Series

I read the Madison Finn series. And I give the whole series a five star rating. Madison goes on a lot of different adventures with her friends. Madison is a seventh grader who has boy problems, an “enemy” Ivy, who Madison likes to call Poison Ivy. And Ivy’s “drones” Rose and Joan; they also have nicknames Rose Thorn, and Phony Joanie. But they tell good stories, they always have a problem, or something Madison has to do, but she doesn’t want to do. Madison also always has her lab top, and she’s either on a website where Madison and her friend go to chat online, or Madison is in her private files. I would recommend the series to people who are looking for a new series. Or, to anyone looking for something to read.

Best Friends for Never

I also read,Best Friends for Never, by, Lisi Harrison, and I give it a five star rating. I really liked it. It is the second book of the Clique series. And Massie and Claire are pretending to be friends to get what they want. Claire a cell phone and Massie a boy-girl Halloween party. Read about Massie and her friends.

Beacon Street Girls, Worse Enemies/Bestfriends

I would give, The Beacon Street Girls, by Annie Bryant, five stars. It shows how all different kinds of girls can become friends. And they all have different personalities. Like Maeve likes boys. Avery likes sports. Katani likes fashion. Charlotte likes books and writing. Isabel likes school and making taking care of her mom. And Marty, likes making people laugh. It also says that, you have to give someone a chance before you say you don’t like them. I would recommend this book to girls from maybe 11-years old to 14.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

I also read Diary of a Wimpy Kid, by Jeff Kinney. And I give it a five star rating. It was hilarious! I would recommend it to anyone who has a good sense of humor. Greg, the little cartoon guy, who is the main character, is so funny. The things he and his friends do are the funniest things. No one in real life would do what Greg does.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Number the Stars

I give Number the Stars, by Lowis Lowery a five star rating. It was a great story. Not only was it entertaining, but it also taught kids a big piece of history. And it’s good that people read this, especially kids, because if we aren’t careful, The Holocaust could happen… again. It told about eleven-year-old Annemarie and her Jewish friend, Ellen. And the adventures they go on, to save Ellen, and her family, and the Jews of the world.

The Egypt Game

I also read The Egypt Game, by Zilpha Keatley Snyder. I would give it a five star rating. I absolutely loved it! It has so much adventure, and the kids in it use so much imagination. And it has boys and girls in it, and I think that says so much. Not only does it say that both boys and girls can have good imaginations, but it also says that any age kids can play imaginary games. Marshall is four. Elizabeth is nine. And Melanie, April, Toby, and Ken are eleven. The Egypt Game has imagination, adventure, and creativity. I think it is great for people who love imaginary games. People like me.

Monday, July 6, 2009

100 Days and 99 Nights

I read 100 days and 99 nights, by Alan Madison. I give it three and a half stars. It was pretty good, but it was just for some light reading. It is pretty easy to read, and tells about a little girls life, while her Dad has to go away for work. And she really misses her father and decides she wants to do something important to help her dad’s work. It is an easy book to read, and tells a nice little story.